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Your keyless car could be gone in seconds in new high-tech crime wave

A recent article from the Daily Mail has provided us with some shocking statistics and made us aware of the high-tech crimes that are taking place all over the country. 

How are thieves taking off with keyless cars with ease? The answer is by using a swift and silent technique so successful that it's one of the major factors behind car thefts in England a Wales hitting a six-year high last year.
Yesterday official figures showed the number of cars reported stolen to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in 2017 rose to 43,308 — up almost 9,000 since 2016.

Yet crime surveys from the Office for National Statistics suggest the true figure is even higher, with 89,000 vehicles stolen in England and Wales last year. In certain areas, such as the West Midlands, car theft has soared by 80 per cent.

Insurers paid out a record £271 million in theft claims in the first nine months of this year, says the Association for British Insurers, with keyless theft the 'main driver'.

So-called 'relay' theft occurs when two thieves work together to break into keyless cars. They use equipment to capture electromagnetic signals emitted by key fobs.

One thief stands by the car with a transmitter, while the other stands by the house with another, which picks up the signal from the electronic key, usually kept near the front door on a table or hook.

This is then relayed to the transmitter by the vehicle, causing it to think the key is in close proximity and prompting it to open. Thieves can then drive the vehicle away thanks to the keyless ignition and quickly replace locks and entry devices.
Any vehicle with keyless entry could be vulnerable to relay theft. These include cars from BMW, Ford, Audi, Land Rover, Volkswagen and Mercedes.

The same method could conceivably be used in a car park. And the distance between the device and key could be up to nine metres.

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