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2018 / Dec / 18

Maypole have launched a brand new range of portable power inverters suitable for a variety of leisure and commercial vehicles.  There are now 6 inverters in the range ranging from 150W to 1500W.  The inverters are efficient, compact power sources and are especially useful when working remotely or when pitched on a caravan site.

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2018 / Nov / 26

A recent article from the Daily Mail has provided us with some shocking statistics and made us aware of the high-tech crimes that are taking place all over the country. 

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2018 / Nov / 20

Our new Stronghold Security website is now live! We have worked hard to create a brand new dedicated Stronghold website with a different look and feel to our current Maypole website.


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2018 / Aug / 10

Are you going away this summer? We thought it would be a good idea to put a useful guide together to remind you of some vital safety checks and points for if you are towing a trailer or caravan.     

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2018 / Aug / 07

We will be attending the Motor Factor Trade Show at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool (ECL) on the 4th to 5th October 2018, exclusively for GROUPAUTO and UAN members.    

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2018 / Jul / 19
Caravan mirrors and cameras - how important are they?

To be compliant with the law, anyone towing a caravan must be able to see 20 metres behind them and four metres either side of the towed outfit. In order to meet this requirement, almost all vehicles will need additional towing mirrors.

The Caravan Safety and Security Group (CSSG) have warned that “many drivers wrongly believe that because they are towing with substantial 4x4 vehicles, these mirrors are not required. When police check caravan outfits, one of the most common problems they find is a lack of towing mirrors - something that could potentially cost you more than the price of the mirrors.”

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